Top 3 Best Waist Trainers of 2020

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Finding The Best Waist Trainer For You

Your adventure of becoming an expert waist training chick starts here – get excited! I am going to clearly break down the process so you can effectively choose the best waist trainer for you.

You can answer these 4 quick questions to determine best waist trainer to fit your needs, or continue reading my detailed guide to learn how!

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Step 1. Distinguishing a QUALITY waist trainer from a cheap one.

  • The overall corset should be made out of strong materials. Some of the best one are made from steel boned materialsteel grommets and a steel busk, which will endure many years of use. This is the most advanced technology for providing a constrictive and trainable waistline. Be aware of plastic structures (it bends easily) – it will not sustain a shape after a few uses, making your appearance of an hourglass shape suffer.
  • If the corset you are looking to buy doesn’t have quality cotton lining, be worried. This is crucial, especially if you are going to use the garment while working out. Why? Well, good cotton lining will prevent your nasty sweat and dead skin cells from destroying your fabric as it rubs against your body.
  • I highly recommend one with a modesty panel. This is a must feature when I buy a brand new waist trainer. When I’m all laced up in my corset, this extra fabric prevents my skin from showing through. An important thing, especially when I’m wearing a specific type of outfit.
  • While waist training you will tighten and loosen and tighten and loosen CONSTANTLY! This means you want your garment to have waist tape protection. This helps prevent your seams from snapping and breaking apart.
  • That being said, you also want your corset to be made out of quality lace to sustain constant usage. That thing will look haggard and not sexy quickly if the lace is thin and low-grade.

Now that you know how to tell a great waist trainer from a bad one, you should focus on how to measure your body to find the right size and fit! Super important.

Step 2. How to Take Your Waist Training Measurements.

  • Torso Length: Sit down steadily on a chair and maintain good posture. Measure from the bottom of the center breasts of your breasts to the where you bend when your sitting down.
  • Upper Hip: Stand up. Feel just right below the top of your hip bone and measure around your waist.
  • Natural Waist: Again, standing up. This time measure just 1″ above your belly button, around the innermost part of your waist.
  • Underbust: Stand up one more time and measure around the bottom of your bra line.
  • Take note that you will be choosing a corset 4-7 inches smaller than your natural waistline. The rule is, for every inch you hope to lose, size your corset an inch down.

You are almost there! Now that you have determined your measurements, pick a style that best suits your needs below.

Step 3. Pick the Style of Waist Trainer You Want.

There are different styles of waist trainers to accomplish different goals. Some are made for working out and natural weight loss, while others simply make you appear flawless during special nights out. Ask yourself what it is you want out of these trainers.

Best Selling Waist Trainers